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Carl Meijer is a young Dutch award winning entrepreneur. Already at the age of sixteen he got his first company registered at the Chamber of Commerce.

With an investment of only two hundred euros, Carl founded his own internet company, through which he took care of the development, publishing and marketing of business as well as private websites. And while his internet company steadily grew, within two years, the first company-takeover was realised.

Meanwhile, Carl thought of a flower vase that could be kneaded into any desired shape, using warm tap water. Having built up his own network of contacts, while he was only seventeen, Carl got in touch with a Chinese plastic manufacturer. He explained his idea to the manufacturer, and within a few months of waiting, his first vase came rolling down the conveyer belt.

It didn't take long before the Dutch media caught wind of Carl's innovative product, and within a week, the first several thousand vases, which he had got made in China, had already passed the cashier counter. Whereas by now, major multinational companies were knocking on his door, eager to place orders.

Soon after that, what used to come in boxes, was now arriving on pallets, such that Carl had to hire a warehouse to stockpile the endless shipment of vases, while he was only just eighteen. In the years that followed, various other products sold successfully in the market, while Carl developed a phenomenal distribution system in order to process the numerous orders.

After running it successfully for six years, in 2009, Carl sold his internet company in order to concentrate fully on the production and sales of products. Besides that, presently, Carl is also actively busy as an investor and a speaker, and is involved in fostering young entrepreneurship.

Dutch news magazine Elsevier referred to him as one of the most promising talents of the Netherlands, while the business magazine Sprout called him one of the best entrepreneurs under the age of 25 years, and several times in a row, he was addressed to as one of the most powerful figures of his birth town.

Quick Facts

Date of Birth:
November 18, 1987

Place of Birth
Leiden, The Netherlands

Dutch and German

Dutch, German and English

Current Place of Residence:
Leiden, The Netherlands

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Carls Group is Carl Meijer's company.
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